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Admitting the child to the kindergarten

Admission to the kindergarten

The citizens of Tallinn may choose for their children any municipal preschool that has available vacancies.

General information of the admitting procedures can be found from Tallinn Education Department webpage.

For applying a place in a preschool there are two options:

  • Apply for a place in self service portal online.
  • Submit an application form  based on the child’s birth certificate. Download and fill the form, sign digitally and send it to the kindergarten’s e-mail address

If there are free places for the child you will receive an invitation to your email which you must accept.

If the child is admitted, we kindly ask you to fill the form with general information, sign it digitally and send it to

Leaving kindergarten

If you wish your child to leave the kindergarten, please fill out the form, sign it digitally and send it to the e-mail address

Please do it at least 14 days before the date you wish the child to be deleted from the kindergarten’s list.