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Anton Weißflog


I am Anton, 18 years old, blue-haired and of of the two new volunteers in Linnupesa. I come from Germany, especially Saxony, where I grew up with 9 siblings. I am the third in line, so the whole life I already got used to handle many children.

Before I came to Linnupesa, I finished highschool in Germany. Since I was not sure about my future considering studies, I decided to take a gap year in a foreign country to find myself for my future by doing something senseful at same time, since I am a quite active person. Finally, Linnupesa chose me and here I am! My aims are to share my region’s culture, especially since Germany itself might be a bit boring, since there are many similarities considering some traditions, so I want to give a deeper view into my specific reagion. Besides, I want to be a good male role model for especially boys, since there are only female teachers, so I see a lack of self-identifying for boys. Also, I would like to do more about tech, try to make outplaying a bit more interesting, show water(playing) as an important and fun part of growing up – in the end I just want to try to offer in daily kindergarten life more diversity in actions – maybe learning too.

In my freetime I currently do Pilates, traveling, learning Estonian. In addition I like cooking/baking, the colours pink and blue, penguins, nature and the smell of the liquid in whiteboard pencils.

I hope this project gives me opportunities to realize my own ideas, develop myself, make children (perhaps parents as well) curious about world and I would like to get full Estonian vibes with a view to culture, language, etc. Also I would like to change some parent’s conviction, that males should not work in Kindergarten.

I will be working in Kindergarten until August 2019 – maybe I will spend more time in Estonia, since I don’t have that big need to go back to Germany, though I am missing next-day-shipping by Amazon very much.

Thank you for reading my little portrait’s text and maybe we met us in kindergarten. Until then – Head aega